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Own Mountain
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Posted - 09/01/2011 15:04:11    

Company Name: BackTesting Report
Address: PO Box 620427, Woodside, CA 94062-0427
Phone: USA # 650-752-4921
Web site:

BackTesting Report

Add-on Name: MACD Divergence Detector
Technology: Indicator, Strategy: Complete, Show-Me, PaintBar
Analysis: Divergence, reversal Patterns
Market(s): All
Timeframe: Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
TradeStation Compatibility: TradeStation 9 or higher
Trader Profile: Intermediate Trader interested in longer term trades on a daily chart or shorter term if using intra-day charts

Detects MACD divergences on price charts. When the MACD indicator does not confirm price action, it hints at weakening of the trend and flags a potential reversal. Uses Gerald Appel’s description for MACD Lines Divergences, Dr. Alexander Elder’s description for MACD Histogram divergences, and includes a workspace to detect “fuzzy divergences” which are similar to those sought by Dale Wheatley. Indicator can be used in Radarscreen or Scanner to find charts with MACD / MACDH divergences at the right edge. Strategy identifies MACD divergences mid-chart and is suitable for backtesting. Also calculates an Average True Range (ATR) stop value and estimated trade size based on user-defined risk parameters. Setting for MACD, divergence lookback, and stop loss are parameterized and can be customized for your unique needs. When a divergence is detected, it is color-coded on the chart with ShowMe and PaintBar, plus it triggers Alerts.

  • Finds several different types of MACD Divergences
  • ShowMe/Paint Bar clearly identifies divergences on chart
  • Parameterized to customize for your unique settings
    Anticipates MACD Lines divergences by displaying the price that will cause a divergence

Lease Terms: $24.99 / month lease (via Strategy Network)
Purchase Terms:$249 perpetual license plus 4 BackTesting Reports Discussion
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