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Posted - 05/24/2006 08:43:16    

Company Name: GridTrader
Email: Grailtrader22


Image 1: Gann Grid and Gann Cycles.

Add-on Name: Gann Grid and Gann Cycles
Technology: Indicator
Analysis: W.D. Gann, Price & Time Cycles
Market(s):Futures, Stocks, Spreads and Indices
Timeframe: All
TradeStation Compatibility: 8.2 and above
Trader Profile:One who is familiar with the works by and about W.D. Gann.

The Gann Grid indicator squares price and time using Gann ratios. Gann said that his discovery of squaring price and time was the most important of all of his many trading innovations.

The Gann Grid study plots into the future for a selected time length irrespective of the number of bars space set to the right on a TradeStation chart. The vertical Gann timing lines in 1/8 and 1/3 ratios will plot into the future a selected time frame when used in combination with the GridTrader Offset Price indicator (free), as an adjunct to the Grid itself, if desired. Possible examples of applications to explore may be….square the range…squares from recent pivot points….or square price & time in conjunction with astro timing events such as New and Full moons, apogee / perigee, conjunction/opposition of planetary periods or perhaps square yearly Solstice/Equinox and eclipse periods, etc.

  • Squares price and time on any time frame chart (seconds or above), with any height and width of Grid desired.
  • Inputs for the height, width, start point and color of the grid are user selectable.
  • Gann 1/8 and 1/3 cycle ratio lines may be displayed into the future
    when the offset price indicator (included with these studies) is used.

These Gann studies are no longer available.

See information provided below....

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Posted - 05/09/2007 14:43:54    
Additional Gann Grid Information...

A two month trial period of the Gann Grid & Gann Cycles studies is no longer available.

These studies are copyrighted and will be code protected...the user will not be able to view the code for these. The studies will run only on the users specific copy of TradeStation.

Complete and explicitly detailed step by step formatting instructions for these studies will be provided. In addition, two videos are available on general aspects of these studies and formatting them. The grids do not currently plot well on thinly traded instruments with numerous missing bars. The grids currently will run on seconds charts and above....minute,daily,weekly & monthly charts.

Please note...It shall be totally up to the user how these studies may be used for charting and trading. I do not get into any discussion whatsoever on charting or trading techniques, methods or recommendations and the like with regard to these studies or trading in general.

Please do not post any requests for Gann Grid trial studies in this forum.


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Posted - 04/14/2010 15:15:47    
Gann Reading References...Books...Articles... has many articles by and about Gann, along with some of his can do a search on W. D.Gann at for a list of Gann material available to read or download there...

You will also find a copy of the book Gann Made Easy by William Mclaren at Scribid.

Take a look at this article by Bryce Gilmore perhaps...
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Posted - 04/14/2010 15:30:00    
Further Gann Information...

Several videos on the Gann Grids are a request for links to these...
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Posted - 04/14/2010 15:38:12    
Gann Grid Screen Shots

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Posted - 04/19/2010 09:17:17    
Gann Biographical Info...

W. D. Gann...........1878-1955

"W.D. was intellectually curious to an extraordinary degree.
He was unafraid of unorthodox ideas, whether in finance or in other areas of life.
A conservative Baptist, W.D. didn't smoke, drink, play cards, or dance."

It has also been reported that after Ganns retirement to Florida, he often traveled to Cuba....
where he evidently enjoyed playing the Cuban lottery and betting on the horse races there....

For short biography's on William Delbert Gann see...

The Mysterious Life of Trading Legend W.D. Gann

William Gann life story
William D Gann the truth and nothing but the truth. Was he a trader, a sales person, a fraud or a genius?

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Posted - 04/19/2010 09:23:46 reserved for additional Gann topics
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Posted - 04/19/2010 09:25:04 reserved for additional Gann topics Discussion
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