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Hamzei Analytics
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Posted - 09/11/2006 03:16:31    
Dear Active Trader,

First and foremost, on the Fifth Anniversary of September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks, let us pray for all the innocent victims whom we lost on that fateful day, for those who mourn them, for those who miss them, and for those who will carry on their journey....

Secondly, we have a new trading service that was due to be released last Tuesday evening but due to a must-have technical improvement for our Server Farm expansion, it got delayed a bit. We apologize to those anxiously awaiting this novel trading service (Beta A was released on August 20th).

Pairs Trading Single Stock Futures First Issue is here. Issues 1 thru four are FREE and open to all. No login is required. To access it, please click on the following link

This report will come out every Sunday night and this week we will post some FAQs and General Guidelines for it. As they become available they will be posted on our Members Page.

Three firms have already expressed interest in auto-trading SuperHornets v3.0 -- their emails are listed in CC box above:

Man Financial -- contact Bruce Christiansen

optionsXpress -- contact Skip Shean

PFG --- contact Peter Slaga

In next couple of weeks, (the SSF Exchange) will sponsor a free webinar on our website and you are all welcome to attend.

Any questions about this service should be sent to or

All the best;

Fari Hamzei
Hamzei Analytics, LLC

Editor & Contributor,
Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns form Today's Top Traders

Office: (310) 306-1200
Cell: (310) 995-8386
YAHOO IM: hamzei_analytics

Group Leader of
Los Angeles eSignal, MetaStock, RealTick & TradeStation Users Group:

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Posted - 09/11/2006 10:07:03    
Link is not working - Page cannot be found.

Edit: Noticed period on end of link. It needs to be deleted.
Hamzei Analytics
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Posted - 09/11/2006 10:15:53    
Originally posted by sunabeacho
Link is not working - Page cannot be found.

Edit: Noticed period on end of link. It needs to be deleted.

Done -- thnx for catching it

Hamzei Analytics
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Posted - 12/21/2006 22:48:33    
As promised early this month, we are pleased to provide you with our Sigma Channel Compression Indicator for TradeStation (in ELD format). The code is set to execute till March 1st, 2007 free of charge. After that you need to be a subscriber to our Proprietary Indicators Package. The code measures the normalized value of distance between +3 sigma and -3 sigma as a unbiased gauge for volatility compression or expansion.

Train your eyes to look for severe channel compression in concert with a fast momentum/trend indicator (of course, here, we are partial to our own CI) as way of detecting both timing and direction of an explosive move in the underlying.

For the Sigma Channels Indicator, which is an expanded Bollinger Bands, we suggest you overlay three standard Bollinger Bands and modify two of them using +/-1 and +/-3 as inputs and thicker / thinner line styles so it is very clear at which sigma line the price is trading at. For more detials, see the chart below.

Click here to download the ELD file:

Here is a quick note from our Tutorials page:

Sigma Channels
In statistics, Sigma means standard deviation from a mean. In trading, when we say "GOOG is at +2 Sigma," it means Google is trading at 2 standard deviation above its mean, hereinafter its 20 day moving average (i.e., it is at Upper Bollinger Band). As avid students of volatility, we monitor prices using +3, +2, +1, -1, -2 and -3 Sigma Channels. This method tells us how "stretched" the prices are. A good long trade normally is when prices move between +1 and +2 Sigma Channels. Conversely, a good short trade normally is when prices move between -1 and -2 Sigma Channels.

Sigma Bands Probability of Stock Price Travel
+1 to -1 68%
+2 to -2 95%
+3 to -3 99.75%

Here is how it should look like once you apply it to your favorite stock....mine these days happens to be Raytheon (RTN) !!

Hamzei Analytics LLC
Hamzei Analytics
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Posted - 12/21/2006 22:49:41    
As the year draws to a close, we take stock of where we are. We calculate our P&L and our returns for the year. We see how well we’ve done; what we’d do differently, and what we’d do better… It’s easy in these moments to lose sight of the bigger picture, of what exists outside our world of the markets. The holidays remind us to look beyond ourselves, to be good to others, to spread kindness and good will, to take care of the poor and the less fortunate.

We also are reminded to be grateful for what we have: our families, friends, and colleagues; for our homes and treasured possessions, and for memories that are priceless. As I count my own blessings, I am grateful for all of you in this community, a growing, vibrant, and dynamic place of ideas and camaraderie. This website would not be the same without each of you.

I wish you all the best this holiday season, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Fari Hamzei
3 Posts
Posted - 01/04/2007 17:33:02    
I am new to Tradestation Easylanguage and I am trying to add an crossover alert to the TSI indicator. Here is the code.(which some is from this thread)


Plot1(TSI(Price, Raw, Smoothed,1), "TSI");
Plot2(XAverage(Plot1,5),"XAvg ");

{ Alert criteria }
if Plot1 crosses over Plot2 then
Alert( "Crossover alert" ) ;

It fires too often and at the wrong place. I would also like the crossover alert to be triggered only if the the value of Plot1 is above 50 or below -50. Any suggestions.
2395 Posts
Posted - 01/04/2007 17:59:55    
cdavis, Welcome to this Forum.

Try this code.

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Posted - 01/05/2007 11:57:05    
With your appreciated help I rewrote the code I wanted the crossover to only trigger if it was below the prescribed value. (I changed the 50 value to a 20 for testing purposes), but it does not trigger even though the TSI value goes lower than -20 or higher than
20. And on the radarscreen the values for the symbols don't match the TSI value plot.

Plot1(TSI(Price, Raw, Smoothed,1), "TSI");
Plot2(XAverage(Plot1,5),"XAvg ");
Plot3( 0," 0");
Plot4( 20," 20");

If OneAlert(Plot1 crosses over Plot2) and OneAlert(Plot1 crosses below Plot5) then
Alert( "TSI X below" );

If OneAlert(Plot1 crosses under Plot2) and OneAlert(Plot1 crosses above Plot4) then
Alert( "TSI X above" );

4910 Posts
Posted - 01/05/2007 12:34:35    
Your Alert will only trigger when both conditions on same bar are correct.
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Posted - 01/08/2007 14:33:38    
Yes, I know it will only trigger when both conditions on same bar are correct. But I am watching the TSI indicator and it crosses under 20 and does not trigger and the alerts are on. Is there someone that could change the code to make the alerts work.
Hamzei Analytics
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Posted - 01/08/2007 14:54:19    
CI Diff for RadarScreen was released last Friday as a part of our Proprietary Indicators Package.

see our Products Page for more details.

Fari Hamzei
54 Posts
Posted - 03/16/2007 16:46:03    
Hey there...I have what u r looking for I belive... I just do not how to post an image How can I get a copy of this screen to you?

Hamzei Analytics
107 Posts
Posted - 03/16/2007 16:54:12    
our email is

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Posted - 03/22/2007 14:22:55    
I am trying to add a Histogram plot to the TSI indicator, much like the one in *MACDColor where the color of the histogram bar changes based on its value and whether it falls inside or outside a "noise" range... Can't seem to get it to verify though.. Here's the code as I've tried it. Any help in getting it verified would be appreciated.

[LegacyColorValue = true];


Plot1(TSI(Price, Raw, Smoothed,1), "TSI");
Plot2(XAverage(Plot1,5),"XAvg ");

Value1 = TSI(Price, Raw, Smoothed);
Value2 = XAverage(Value1,5);
Plot4(Value1 - Value2,"TSI Diff");

{If Plot4 >= Plot4[1] then SetPlotColor(4,Green);}
If Plot4 >= Plot4[1] and Plot4 > 0 then SetPlotColor(4,Green);
If Plot4 < Plot4[1] and Plot4 > 0 then SetPlotColor(4,DarkGreen);
If Plot4 >= Plot4[1] and Plot4 < 0 then SetPlotColor(4,DarkRed);
If Plot4 < Plot4[1] and Plot4 < 0 then SetPlotColor(4,Red);

If Plot4 < PosNoise and Plot4 > NegNoise then SetPlotColor(4,NoiseColor);

{ Alert criteria }
if Plot4 crosses over 0 then
Alert( "Bullish alert" )
else if Plot4 crosses under 0 then
Alert( "Bearish alert" ) ;
64 Posts
Posted - 03/27/2007 21:17:07    
I've been playing with TSI and have modified TSI to change colors when it crosses over the XAvg line. I've also attempted to add a _MACDColour like histogram of the difference between TSI and XAvg. Here's a chart showing both...

Attachment:DATA/20070327210601TSI_mod.jpg 113949 bytes

And here's the Code... function has been modified so it won't overwrite any current TSI function.

Attachment:DATA/20070327211532TSI-MOD.ELD 6681 bytes

I need some help though. I expected the histogram bars to cross the zero line when the TSI and XAvg lines crossed... (as they do with the MACD signal lines)... But they don't ... Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong here and help out with a fix...?


191 Posts
Posted - 04/08/2007 04:53:54    
I read Bill Blau's book a few months ago and I happened to stumble across this thread today. Although the book is quite interesting and informative, if I remember correctly I was not able to get any automated strategy working based on his indicators. I was wondering if anybody else got an automated strategy out of his ideas and would like to point out a general direction so I do not waste time with all of his indicators. Thanks.
209 Posts
Posted - 04/08/2007 08:29:58    
You just need to change style how indicator prints. You can change it to histogram.
651 Posts
Posted - 11/01/2007 22:36:28    
I would appreciate a suggestion on how to design a strategy that triggers a long when TSI moves above Zero, or a short when it moves below.
Just starting out with easy language here and not familar with how to do this type of a trigger.
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Posted - 09/05/2008 12:03:56    
Terrible indicator- Choppy market chews up any profit.
Hamzei Analytics
107 Posts
Posted - 03/24/2009 11:22:14    
Every once in a while we run into something worth sharing with all of you. Many of you are familiar with our Trend/Momentum Indicator CI. It is an integral part of our trading toolkit and over the last seven years, we have had many happy users both in eSignal and TradeStation platforms. Its mathematics has not changed. There was/is no need it. It uses Limit Theory and it remains very powerful in all markets and all timeframes. To read more about it, click here:

During the last two weeks, I have used it, for my own trading, with a minor modification in its presentation. The change has been partly possible thru using some new graphical programming tools released in TradeStation version 8.4 and up.

What I changed was to add the color scheme given a variable trigger level on the smoothed CI. Once it level is triggered, its color changes from white to RED for a SELL SHORT entry, or alternately, from white to GREEN for BUY LONG entry when it hits the negative of the trigger level. You set the trigger level. The default is +/-10.

When you combine this coloring scheme with our Sigma Channels with prices near or at +/-3 sigma, the result is a killer app. See

Inline with our past practice, we offer free trial with any new indicator or major upgrade. Those of you interested to test-drive the Improved CI, drop us a note at with your TradeStation Customer Number (it is 5 or 6 digit number found under TradeStation Help About). We will send you our Improved CI, CI Diff and Sigma Channels good for a 60-day free trial. To get this trading tool to all interested parties with the least amount of admin impact on us, we will honor all requests up to, and including, April 1st.

I will also take a few moments in our next webinar (March 28) to show it and take some questions. Here is the registeration link

Hamzei Analytics LLC
Hamzei Analytics
107 Posts
Posted - 05/06/2009 21:34:23    
"Ratio Spreads as a Premium-Selling Alternative" Options Webinar by Jim Bittman

Are these high-volatility markets getting you down? Have your iron condor and short-option strategies blown up? How about a delta-, gamma- and vega-neutral strategy (almost) that profits from time decay and gives you a near-break-even exit strategy if another killer move against you happens? Jim Bittman, Senior Instructor at The Options Institute of CBOE, discusses the positives and pitfalls of ratio spreads.

Jim Bittman is the author of three books. Options for the Stock Investor is a primer for beginning option traders that discusses basic strategies and essential concepts about option price behavior. Trading Index Options reviews intermediate to advances strategies such vertical spreads, straddles, time spreads and ratio spreads. Trading Options as a Professional is designed for the experienced who wants to learn about delta-neutral trading, synthetic positions, setting bid and ask prices and managing position risk.

Title: Ratio Spreads with Jim Bittman

Date: Monday, May 11, 2009

Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM CDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista

Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Good Trading to All,

Fari Hamzei
Hamzei Analytics, LLC

Hamzei Analytics Financial Network

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